Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Picture

Do you remember when EVERYONE got a new dress for Easter to go to church?
In the olden days (aka my growing up days) we also got new gloves, new shoes and a new purse.
Then we would line up in an awkward fashion usually tallest to smallest..... not
unlike a police line up
And my Dad would take a picture.
I like the way we were told to look off to the side.
What were we looking at or looking for?
Possibly the easter bunny?
Not the time this picture was snapped,
we had already consumed mass amounts of sugar
and were well on our way to a sugar fit...
a truely sweetened melt down.
Can you see it?
Most likely we saved it for sacrament meeting.
I continued the tradition with my own brood.
The copious amounts of candy....
The primping and fixing and combing and making them look like little angels.
Gathering them to take "the Easter picture".
One of my children who shall remain nameless (raar) HATED that part
of the festivities.
She would end up in tears EVERY easter morning.
She is married now.
I wonder if she misses it?
Will she do the same to her own someday.
I'll let you know.

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