Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook! We have a problem

Ok Facebook...that's it. I love you but you are dead wrong. You are not the magic 8 ball I thought you were and you wanna know why?
I didn't mind so much when you said I was a font that was....well a little stuffy.
I didn't think too much about it when you said that I was a children's book that I had never heard of (and I took Children's Lit in college..I am an elementary school teacher for pete's sake)
I tried not to be offended when you told me that the breed of dog that I would be was Siberan Husky.....uh HUSKY! (no offense intended I'm sure)
When you said that of all of the really cool characters on Grey's anatomy that I was most like Meredith Grey!! Are you kidding me? I'd rather be any character than her. Someone cooler like Christina or Bailey. Heck I would have even settled for Alex Carev. Meredith always sits around complaining with that hang dog look on her face. She is so wishy washy and whiny. And as much as I would like to be thinner, let's face it a gentle breeze would knock her thanks.
But what really made me question your psychic abilities....
What 70's sitcom star would you be??
MARYANNE from Gilligan's Island?
No flippin way.
Not even if she was the last person left on the island.
It's not that she is not a sweet character or perky cute but I can't see anything that even resembles who I am.
Oh I know what you are thinking. You think that I think that you think I'm Ginger. Well you are wrong. As much as I would like to claim that title I think that I am probably most like the Skipper. (well at least I am honest with myself)
So facebook I am not going to be taking your quizzes anymore. You have lost your credibility with me.
So goodbye was nice while it lasted.
(don't worry we'll always have pet society)

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Jenny said...

Those things are never right, it told me I should live in Nebraska and that I was Anelle from Steel Magnolias, I would have rather been Ouiser than her:)

Lolli said...

That's pretty funny! I rarely take the quizzes. Now I'm mildly curous, though!

Terresa said...

that's a laugh! I don't know much stock I'd put in that FB stuff, anyhoooo. ;)