Monday, March 16, 2009

Bag O' Candy: A Tribute

Wanna know when I started buying bulk.
See that nondescript white bag that my little brother is holding?
Each summer when we went on our road trips
to see every monument, national park, museum,
cave, historical marker, picnic area in the United States
our preparation consisted of one important mission...
We each got a ten dollar bill
Which we took to our local drug store to purchase
A huge bag o' vacation candy.
See my brother's bag.
That is at least half eaten.
We had already traveled over 1000 miles to the
Grand Canyon that year.
In that bag lie the life blood of the trip.
Our sole entertainment other than annoying our siblings
by extending a fingertip over the lines that were our personal space battlegrounds
or asking our parents when we would get there.
I still cannot see a wax bottle of colored sugar water
or candy dots on a strip or
jolly ranchers
without getting a little misty.
I think I will call my siblings and make sure they are staying on their own side
or my parents to ask them
When are we going to get there and
Thanks for the memories.
P.S. The faces have been altered to protect the fashion challenged guilty. Let's face it if that was a picture of you wouldn't you want me to do the same? Go Go dancer look like she is in a particularly bad phase.
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Anne Bradshaw said...

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This time, the prize is a copy of award-winning author Annette Lyon's latest release in her Temple series - Tower of Strength.

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nikkicrumpet said...

OOOOH I remember the big bag of candy...for us it was always something we got to buy before we went camping in the mountains. We'd be up there for a week or more staying in a tent or a camper on the back of the pickup truck. Living in such close quarters with your family and no source of entertainment...NOT GOOD. So the candy was the only thing that keep us from killing each other..or ourselves!

Hpratt said...

Don't forget the Smarties!!!! I don't know whether to thank you for altering my face or not. It's kind of disturbing seeing my family all with fuzzy faces?!?