Friday, March 27, 2009

Favorites Friday Two-fer!

This is your lucky day!! I am going to tell you two of my favorite things. Think of it like a buy one get one free only it technically is a buy none get two free kind of deal. 1. My first favorite thing is FAMILY ROAD TRIPS!! I love them. Not only do I have some of my fondest childhood memories wrapped up in road trip family vacations but a TON of my favorite mother memories are contained in the road trip time capsule as well. There is nothing like the hum of the engine, the laughter from the joking, the yelling and the fighting, the sweetness of the candy bag, the beauty of the passing landscape and even the sheer monotony! What other venue allows you to really just sit and think, since you have nothing else to do? Some of best imaginative thoughts were birthed while passing field after field of corn, wheat, cotton, rice or milo. (I have NO idea what milo is but I am told that I have passed by a whole field of it.) I have traveled through 45 of the 50 states and I can proudly say that I really know what they look and smell like (unfortunate for some places). I did not just fly over...I experienced them with all of my senses and I will tell you what......the United States of America is truly a place of grandeur! and as promised #2 is my favorite national monument EVER (and I have seen plenty of them for comparison.)
I think it should be a requirement of every US citizen to visit this breathtaking monument. It is where I have felt the most stirrings of patriotism ever. It literally gave me goosebumps, both as an 8 year old child and as an adult when I took my children there. And as an added delight Crazy Horse monument is only a few miles away. Truly a must see as well.

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Momza said...

Road trips totally add a dimension to our family that has added depth to our memories and relationships!
I too have travelled all over the US and it's funny that you mentioned smells...right hten, I had a smell-memory of Oklahoma pop up!
Fun post! Summer's coming and I'm ready for a road trip!