Monday, March 30, 2009

I feel like such a bum today...

I must make a little confession......Today I was a BUM....I know that is probably not the politically correct term for sitting around doing nothing but hey cut me some brain is numb from my lack of productivity. That's what we called them in the 60's...bums, hobos (that's a term that has not been used much lately) people who are sitting around doing nothing. This is Halloween circa 1964 and I was a bum that year. I even had a plastic cigar that when squeezed had a worm pop out of the end.
I didn't start out the day wanting to be a bum.
I had big plans.
I was going to clean out my pantry
and scrapbook my son's mission
and clean the downstairs bathroom
and read the scriptures (of course)
and make visiting teaching phone calls.
Right now at 7:00pm I am 0 for 5.
I could make a lot of excuses right seasonal allergies.....long phone calls......sitting by the computer waiting for my sons email from Guatemala (he was transfered today)
but really
it was kinda a hobo day
I know that you must have been VERY busy.
You probably got a LOT done.
I would apologize right here
right now...
but it would be a lie.
I am not sorry.
And I don't want to be a bum AND a liar.

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Lolli said...

Well, let me make you feel a little better by saying that I didn't get a whole lot accomplished today, either. And you don't have to apologize. :)

Momza said...

Lol very cute--but I think it is written in the underground copy of the Missionary Mom handbook that a Missionary's Mom has a free ride on their P-days too...nothing has to get done until said Mom gets that email. So you're good. Just sayin.