Friday, March 6, 2009

I pledge allegiance to the Texas

Did you know that Texas has a pledge? Even though I have lived here for over 35 years I did not know about the pledge until my children went to elementary school. After they recite the pledge know.....the one everyone in the United States knows. They say the Texas pledge and it goes like this.....(say it aloud with me)

We pledge allegiance to THEE (great emphasis added here) Texas, one and indivisible.

When I first heard that come out of my childs mouth I was puzzled. Where did that come from and why are they all practically yelling and drawing out the THEE!

I struggled with how I felt about pledging to Texas. Texans by their very nature are extremely proud of this Lone Star State. They feel almost as strongly about staying here as the Utahns feel about staying where they are......almost. Sure, I think it's a terrific state. I think I will probably end up living here forever but a pledge? And what if I do move? Do I still owe them my allegiance? I take my pledges very seriously.

I asked my daughter Raar (that will be her code name since everyone who is really cool in the blog world seems to do that)....why are you practically yelling in my ear the THEE part?

She said that her principal at the elementary school made them say it that way because before the children all thought that it was:

We pledge allegiance to the and indivisible.

That's actually probably a more accurate depiction of how Texans feel anyway.

Just thought the other 49 states should know.

PS My daughter Peanut took this photo of a picnic table in Muleshoe (not making that up) Texas. Isn't it gorgeous!!
PSS Does anyone know if Texas really is indivisible...I mean I am no historian or politico but can we be divided some day and should I warn the others who are pledging?
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Lolli said...

I'm so glad you shared that picture! I think it's awesome that your daughter is an aspiring photographer. And just so you know, I love and welcome all levels in my carnival! I should probably say something about that. ;) Thanks again! I love it!

PS--I think it's a strange coincidence that the word verification in "pledgie." Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey don't know Muleshoe . . . my dad grew up there and I still have relatives who live there!!!!!!

Yes it is a one blinking light town!