Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watch Out Farah Fawcett!

Since I received some great comments on my bravery for posting my awkward gawky phase
for all blogdom to see
and since one kind reader mentioned the Farah Fawcett hair style period
And so that I could at least prove that once I took responsibility for my own "look" (sorry mom)
things did get a wee bit better....
I give you a picture
Not so humiliating
Complete of course with my side kick on the right (yes....... the go-go dancer)
Here is a picture of the stage after the larval pupa stage
When the cocoon opened
Where I ROCKED the hairstyle of the day
Had the cool shades
Perfected my "come hither look"
And was on top of my game so to say.
Funny thing is
there aren't as many pictures
of this stage.
Because I had learned as the world
had convinced me.....
to stay away from cameras.
Wish I had known then what I know now.
I would have taken a bazillion of them
because every woman knows
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1 comment:

Hpratt said...

I'm proud to be your sidekick! Thanks for posting some good ones of us. Good memories...good times!:)