Friday, February 13, 2009

A big THANK YOU to the 6 people that voted on what kind of blog am I!! And the winner is..........(drum roll).......
SAUCY MOM!!! Yay since I think that is where I was hoping to fit in. I like the edgy sound of it. So in celebration and as a thank you prize I post a picture of my favorite sauce.
FRY SAUCE!! For those of you Utahns you know of the heavenly condiment that I am speaking of. For those of you not familiar with the pink piles of perfection, it is a dipping sauce for your fries....duh...made of ....well every place has their own recipes but basically it is ketchup, mayo and pickle juice. Some places might shake it up a bit with relish or barbeque or special seasoning but it is an amazing thing. Every fast food place in Utah has it....even SONIC! But does the Sonic in TEXAS have it?? no siree! You can not get it here. I have tried to make my own at home but it is not the same. I think it must have something to do with the altitude or my sea level position or something. So every trip to Utah is another reason...I mean excuse....I mean reason for me to consume vast quantities of fries and fry sauce. Judge me if you will but YOU CAN NOT GET THIS STUFF IN TEXAS! Now here is the question/contest. If you are a afficiando of the stuff I speak of or you live in the great state of Utah try and guess whose fry sauce is featured in the picture. I will try to think of a prize. I will give you a hint. This one was in Salt Lake City, but my favorite fry sauce can be had in Heber at the home of the Train Burger.
Who says that I am not a SAUCY MOM!!!????


Kate said...

Such a cute blog. Great name. I will definitely be back.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Followed the link - you "saucy" mom you :) Such a fun blog to read, I'll surely be back soon.