Monday, February 23, 2009

Who comes up with these NAMES?

This is a picture of my backyard after Hurricane Ike.
Bad Storm........Good name. Every year they (the weather gurus or whatever they call themselves) come up with a list of names for the storms that will be coming our way. Quaint little custom I guess. Makes the storm almost seem like a visiting relative. Depending on the relative....much needed rain or your whole house blown down. I liked the name for our summer storm this year. IKE...a good strong name....easy to say....easy to spell.....regal and presidential.
But I have a ongoing beef with some names. Here are a couple

DRESS BARN: yes thats the name of someone who wants to sell me clothing. They cater to big boned gals with a whole side of their store devoted to the..... shall we say "hard to fit". AND they have some pretty good stuff in there from time to time, BUT Dress Barn!! really! Who wants to be asked, Ooo Cute! Where did you get that? and you have to say, " Well I moseyed on over past the cows and other livestock to the Dress Barn." Thank you, NO! I have enough problems not comparing myself to rotund barnyard animals. I don't need my shopping bag to proclaim it.

TORNADO TACO: We have a little local eatery in town. It's a building that has change hands more than one hand can count and has housed quite a few clinker ideas. So now it is Tornado's turn. They have of course a huge drawing of a twister as the graphic on their sign. Now is it just me or is anyone else disturbed by the thought of any food (let alone Mexican food) going through your digestive system like a tornado. Read my post from two weeks ago called "sick as a dog" where I describe a tornadic episode that landed me in the emergency room. Thanks but I will just go to Taco Bell.

MUD LAKE, Idaho: My apologies to anyone who lives in Mud Lake....but REALLY....that is the name of your town? We had a sweet baby-faced elder who came to our house last week and when questioned where he was from he said, Mud Lake Idaho. Being the ever gracious hostess I asked if that was anywhere near Stinky Swamp. Nah I didn't but I did emit a few giggles. I asked him why on earth it was named that and he didn't know. So that is on my to do list today. Look up the history of Mud Lake and see if anyone there needs some help naming their new baby.
I really think I could do better than most. It's just random stuff I think about.
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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Truly funny! . . . I'm still laughing! I'll have to keep my eyes open for some more.