Monday, February 16, 2009

A Go-Go Dancer and Marsha Brady

Just in case you thought that the last picture was a "fashion fluke", here is another one with that 60's feel. I am the mod fashion girl in green. I didn't have go-go boots so I had to settle for knee socks. The problem is that I could never keep them at the same height. One knee sock was ALWAYS lower than the other. I am wondering if one of my calves is larger than the other. I must make a mental note to measure that tonight. That's my sister in the pink. She doesn't have a blog and has stopped reading this one so I will tell you a little secret of hers. When that picture was taken it was her desire to grow up to be a go-go dancer who danced in one of those cages. Not a stripper mind you...we were after all good LDS young ladies....just your run-of-the mill go-go dancer. She is currently teaching elementary school. I wonder if she has regrets.
I on the other hand had aspirations to be the next Marsha Brady. I use to practice in the mirror in the bathroom. I was very dramatic. I had the right clothes and haircut. I think the knee sock thing really held me back.


Kate said...

Very cute. I love the outfits. It is amazing some of the things that we wore when we were little back then. Cute picture.

Hpratt said...

Hey!! This is your sister!...You know...the one in the pink and green dress! Just for the record...I read your blog so you better say nothing but great things about me?! LOVE YOU!