Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Feel Like A Celebrity (who once wore a poncho and bell bottoms)

I found a website that I just love. It matches my love of quirky photos. It is called Gypsy Feet! One of my most FAVORITE pictures of my daughters and I is a picture of just our feet intertwined. I was going to post it here but it just seemed that it would be lonely after I saw the site with all of the pictures of others feet. I took a chance and sent it in and they put it on their page! YAY!! Sometimes some of the best pictures aren't the typical shots. I think pictures of hands and feet can be so expressive. Do you know what else really packs a wallop in pictures.......wearing a plaid poncho with flower print polyester bell bottom pants! Don't believe me???? Well here is the proof.
Oh and please take a moment to notice the very stylish patent leather pilgrim shoes. Yes that's me......try not to be jealous.
P.S. To see the picture of our feet go here....
P.S.S. By the way Mom thanks for dressing me in ways where I always really "stood out". After wearing an outfit like that and surviving I know there's nothing I can't do.

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