Friday, February 6, 2009

I think I have been MISLABELED! I can be SAUCY!

I don't really like being labeled or categorized. I like to think that people only think they know me and therefore wouldn't be able to sort me into a basket like some piece of dirty laundry...whites...whites...colors..whites. I also like to think that my personality is so multi-faceted that there is no category broad enough. (no pun intended so watch the snickers) But I or more accurately my blog has been dumped into a category and it's not even a GOOD ONE! I noticed that other bloggers seemed to be part of groups and I thought since I haven't made any blogger friends lately that I should put on something nice and go out. I found a group called the Mormon Mommy Blogs and thought it would be the place to start. I'm mormon...I'm a mom.....(actually the real reason was because I really liked their retro look button and thought it would look great on my blog.) From what I can figure out it is a collection of mormon moms and their blogs and we can go to the site and see their latest postings. They put you in groups or categories I guess so that I don't have to scroll through subjects that don't interest me. Good idea. They told me to sign up and link my blog and they would assign me to a category. Well NOW I was really intrigued. This was like waiting to find out what team you were on or for unathletic people like myself which reading group in school you were put in. It was just the kind of thing that let you know where you fit in exactly. GREAT! I am new to the blog world. Four months ago I didn't even know it existed. I am definitely in blogger kindergarten and needed to know where I fit in....RIGHT? Um.....teacher....teacher...I am in the WRONG group.
They have 32 categories I could have been labeled as....32! Here are the categories:

Beauty & Fashion
Blogs About Books
Blog Designers
Canadian Moms
Cooking Blogs
Crafters & Scrapbookers
Crunchy Moms
Empty Nesters
FHE & Gospel Topics
Foster Care & Adoption
Funny Ladies
Generally Speaking
Group Blogs
Guys Who Blog
Hair Blogs
Health, Fitness and Weightloss
Homemaking Blogs
Homeschooling Moms
International Blogs
Living With Autism & Special Needs
Marriage Blogs
Military Blogs
Mormon Friendly Blogs
People Who Write
Photography Blogs
Saucy Moms
Self Reliance
Slice of Life
Sweeter Side
Thoughtful Ladies
With all of those titles....where do I fit in? What does my blog say about me???


That's it!?! Really?? That has to be the most nondescript category EVER! Obviously I am a mom...I am on the MORMON MOMMY BLOG! Why didn't I get a cool one like funny ladies or crunchy mom (whatever that one is) or sweeter side (no snickering I told you) thoughtful ladies. I could even slip into canadain moms...I could throw a bunch of eh's in my writing)..but
In fairness to the site they did say that I could email them if I thought I was in the wrong group but I's just not the same....what do YOU think? I am going to post a poll to the right. Let me know what category you think..

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