Friday, February 27, 2009

New Sandals! Just in time

I was feeling a little bit of everything yesterday...tired,
hungry and
just plain sick of my life....and then I rememebered!
I had bought new shoes the day before
I LOVE sandals
Particularly the flip flop variety.
And these were so colorful
and beautiful
and they reminded me of a
day long ago when I was young
and not so beautiful.
I was in that gawky tween age.
It was the summer that we went to
indian ruins in Colorado and New Mexico
and EVERYONE was into wearing native
american stuff.
I loved all of the beads so carefully sewn
together in such bright patterns. It made
me feel exotic and beautiful.
I braided my hair.
I bought a turquoise first purchase
of REAL jewelry.
I still have it.
I still wear it.
Life is good.
(wanna see a picture of that tween trip??....
not today
tomorrow then. )
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Shauna said...

Come enter my Fun Friday giveaway :) The winner will be posted tonight! Hope you have a great weekend!

Lolli said...

Those sandals are fabulous! I can't wait til sandal season!!

Hpratt said...

I WANT TO WEAR FUN & CUTE SANDALS!!! But alas, I am stuck here in cold Utah and won't be able to sport sandals until MAY if I'm lucky!!! :(

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

what wonderful sandals - they make your feet look positively stunning:) I'm noticing the kids breaking out the sandals here in utah - I haven't been quite brave enough yet, I'm always freezing as it is . . but it makes me think SPRING might be just around the corner:)


Life with Kaishon said...

Wow! Those are GREAT sandals. And what is even better is your pretty green grass and clovers. What in the world. Our grass is brown as can be in Pennsylvania : (. I am so glad you have green grass wherever you are. God bless.

Martha said...

Love the shoes. I live in FL and LIVE in flip flops, and those are just FABULOUS. I bought a new pair of red sandals last week, and they made me feel happy when they were on my feet... did not have a chance to wear then this week though!