Monday, October 26, 2009

A Brief Intermission

No this is not a Halloween decoration.
Yes it is a nativity.
No I haven't lost my mind....yet.
This is just a brief intermission from my Halloween countdown
for my missionary mom network friends.
And they ARE my friends.
Although I wouldn't recognize them if I passed them on the streets,
We are friends in spirit.
Comrades in arms as it were..
Since we are the support system...the base station
For one of the greatest armies on the earth today.
Our stripling warrior sons.
Serving in Central America.
They wanted to see my nativity from Guatemala
And so here it is.
This one is colorful and makes me happy everytime I pass it and YES I have kept it up all year with my son's drumline picture behind it.
Just a little corner of my living room that reminds me about the piece of my heart that was carried to a beautiful and foreign land.
This particular set was hand painted each figure in a different regional outfit representing a different area of Guatemala.
but it is back to the countdown for Halloween....
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Victoria said...

Awesome! (and it's okay with the whole Christmas thing, since I am currently obsessed with Christmas:)

Love missionaries... love missionary moms! How long 'til he comes home?

Kerry B said...

Ah, the missionary son "shrine".

We had one. I worshipped at it every morning. Big countdown calendar, a map with flags of areas served, pictures, the latest letter and a clock with Italian time.

I don't know if it made the time seem to go by faster or slower, I just know it made me feel better. It was like his presence in our home.

That said, I miss having a missionary in the field--it's the greatest feeling in the world!

Don't you have about 60 days til the Christmas phone call??!!

Kerry B said...


forgot to tell you how adorable your nativity is!