Thursday, October 29, 2009

Headstone Do's and Don'ts..ok, Just Don'ts

Remember folks... know when to stop. Sometimes less is more.

A matter of personal style or just no time to finish?

A little understated for my tastes.

No nudity please, even she looks embarrassed.

My sister left me a comment wondering what I would do for Halloween.
How could I top my grave posts as of late.
Never you fear precious dear.....
I am saving the best for last.
No graveyard...well not technically..... but
A ghost story of sorts
A true ghost story.
Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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Carolyn said...

Come on, I can't have a stone tribute to the parts of me that sag as my headstone. You are no fun at all!

(LOL j/k great post. Actually I think I want to sit in a beautiful jar on some mantle somewhere. Or not. Not thinking about my death anymore. I am too busy being alive today.)

Heidi said...

I can't wait!! I can only imagine! :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ghost stories of a sort . . we just experienced one with my granny who passed on Wed. Seems on Monday, she was not doing good and some family members were with her and she was sleeping. She suddenly woke up and pointed to the door and said "Well hello Auline, how are you?" and waved. It was at this time that the family members present were at peace at what was happening to my granny because Auline was my granny's sister who had passed 2 years. It was comforting for everyone to know that Aunt Auline was there to be with my granny and escort her to heaven. I am telling you the honest to God's truth on this . . . it's not a made up story.

Cynthia said...

Those are certainly some interesting stones!