Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mixed Emotions! Whoppee Sob Sob!

These are the pictures
Hot off the press...
or fresh from the darkroom I should say.
This was the very last homecoming for me.
Well technically it was my baby Peanut's last high school homecoming.
But let's get back to me.
Last "has to be perfect, but needs to be modest, but refuse to wear a shrug or a little jacket or sweater, but must have sleeves, are you sure I can't wear this one with thick spaghetti straps, oh you are right I don't want to feel guilty" dress.
Last pair of "will these make me taller than my date but gotta be hot" shoes.
Last styling of "how will I wear my hair, don't make it frizzy, why do I have curly hair, does it look ok" hairstyle
Last applying of "make it look natural, but make it look special, don't over do it, no not that color, make up.
Last shooting of "where can we go where the pictures will look good but not feel goofy, where everyone can meet and make sure you get some good one's for facebook" photos.
Last time waving and exclaiming have a good time....but BE SAFE! (ok well that really won't be the last time on that one.)
Last time going inside and collapsing on the couch amidst the "getting ready" clutter and looking at my husband and saying, "I hope she has a good time".
Am I going to miss it?
Um no, at least not for tonight.
Of course I could change my mind tomorrow.
It is a mother's prerogative.

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JUST ME, THE MOM said...

been there . . . done that . . . miss it . . .



Anonymous said...

she is GORGEOUS and she is setting such a great example of how a girl can be stylish and pretty and STILL modest. WonDerFul!!!!! i wish there were more teenage girls like her around!!!
way to go MomShell! ;)

Victoria said...

Perfectly perfect, AND modest (and because she wants to, not because someone is MAKING her!) What a beautiful girl:)