Friday, October 23, 2009

Howard Hughes...As Promised

I know you have been waiting for this all night.
Drum roll please............
Howard Hughes grave.
I know what you are thinking...
As rich as he was....... this is it?
Obviously he was going for the understated.
But just so I don't disappoint
There are others in the cemetery who don't buy into the policy that less is more.
Stay tuned for a monument to die for.
(oh and some great ghost story photos)

P.S. The famous Howard is the one at the top of the photo. The one at the bottom is his father Howard Senior. I couldn't get closer since there was an iron fence blocking my access. His family plot is messy but in the Hughes defense we had just experienced Hurricane Ike so cut the family some slack. 



Tom said...

I also love the macabre. There was a really cool church in Rome called the church of the bones. Since it was considered the 'in' thing in medievel times to be buried in the holy land, some enterprising monks brought back a bunch of dirt from Jerusalem and packed it in the basement of their church. When it got a little too crowded, they dug up a body that had decomposed to make room for another...then they made really cool sculptures out of the bones..

Cynthia said...

Interesting! I would have thought it would be fancier too.