Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Blogging Game: What's the Most Amusing/Scary Thing In This Picture?

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What could be more fun than the newest sensation in Blogging games....
That's right!
It's called, "What's The Most Amusing/Scary Thing About This Picture"
Do you need some time to think?
Go Ahead.... I'll wait
More time?
Sorry time's up! I don't have all day
Here we go....
Is it the weird freakish overdone face painting? (Well sir what would you like me to paint? I'd like something that looks like the devil but with a handlebar mustache and a scraggily goatee...oh and could you incorporate a vampire theme with blood dripping down my neck. One more thing...a really cool scar just for visual pop. The kids are going to love this. Maam what would you like? How about just a vine growing out of my cleavage. I like the understated)
Is it the fuzzy velour shirt my Dad is wearing?
Is it the fact that the trim on his shirt and his aviator glasses match in color...and that they are baby blue?
Is it the roadrunner on my Mom's shirt? (She felt too poor to have an Izod shirt with it's obligatory alligator....she could only afford a roadrunner.)
Is it the glasses that are HUGE?
It is the avocado and gold ugly wallpaper with matching gold refrigerator!
Congratulations to all of our viewers who got it right today.
And thanks for playing.
Much love,
Peace out!
I'm back......I think......?


Anonymous said...

i was definitely going to say the wallpaper!!! lol!!!!

Kerry B said...

I think we might be soulmates. The first thing I noticed was the wallpaper. Thanks for the laugh!

Heidi said...

WOW! Mom is a flower child wanna be and dad, well, you can tell he wanted to paint his own face!! He didn't need help from Mom! Scary...WALLPAPER that is!! I'd forgotten about that was fun to see and I am GLAD you are back blogging. I love reading your stuff. Would you put together a printed 2009 version for me for Christmas? Just sayin'!