Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Grave Appreciation

Here is a October-like confession,
I love to visit graveyards.
Well it's true.
It has always been true.
I was a fearful fearful little child,
Always imagining that there was something under my bed,
Just waiting for me to set my feet down
or get too close to the edge....where it could
Grab my ankles and pull me under.
((Loud Shriek))
(How do you spell a yell?)
And yet,
And here is the weird part.
I wasn't afraid of cemeteries.
I can never remember being afraid of them.
On the contrary I would look for them
On long boring car rides.
We always drove way too fast by them for my liking.
So hence,
(don't you think we should bring back the word, "hence". I like the sound of it)
When I became the driver or at very least the copilot,
I would slow down or better yet, stop.
I have seen many cemeteries across the United States. Mostly with my patient kids in tow
So in the spirit of the season,
And with the greatest respect,
For the next few days,
I would like to share my thoughts, and cool photos
And maybe throw in a ghost story or two.
This is Glenwood Cemetery in downtown Houston.
It is where some famous Texans are buried,
Howard Hughes for one.
Admit it....
You want to see what his grave looks like?.....
Tune in tomorrow for those pics......


Cynthia said...

Then I'm weird too because I find graveyards fascinating. It's amazing how much you can guess about a person's life based on the names and groupings of stones.

Victoria said...

I have two words. PINE. BOX. That's it. Vic, out.