Saturday, October 31, 2009

Epitaphs; Words to Remember

One of my favorite part about cemeteries beside the beautiful headstones are the words written on them.
I feel compelled to read each one of them.
And isn't that what the families of the dearly beloved intended.
A way for people to know
That someone special is buried there
Someone who was cherished and loved.
I like to make sure that I honor their desires.
Here are a few examples:

This one makes me curious for two reasons.
1. Why did a boy named Glen Urquhart Scotland die as Robert MacDonald. I have heard of changing your first name but this seems extreme.
2. The Hume family sponsored this headstone. That's what I am going to need. Mr. T. asked me what I would want and after describing my desires he shook his head and said, "That would be expensive" Anyone from the Hume family reading me.

This one is a little too forlorn and sad for my liking.

How much to carve a 3-D face? That's gotta be expensive. But nobody will forget what you looked like
I like the bottom sentiment on this one: who wouldn't want to be called a "model mother" Hmm this one has promise

This one is simple but says it like it is. Very profound
I think I want mine to be a little humorous.
Maybe something like this;

Here lies Mrs. Winn
She lived a good life
Tried hard not to sin.
She liked spooky things
So you better not linger
Or else she might rise up
And poke you with her dead finger.

OK OK it needs a LOT of work but hopefully there is plenty of time to polish off the rough edges. As long as it made you smile today....I am happy.
Happy Halloween

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dk/kh (Kevin) said...

For 3D Face guy--you might not forget what he looked like, but can you remember his first name? C. A. Reinhard doesn't give much to go on.

And for your first question, I think that Glen Urquhart Scotland is the place where he was born.

Heidi said...

I'm sad to see October over...
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your "cemetery, tombstone" related blogs. I did notice, however, that you never posted any of the cool tombstones of the old Park City Cemetery. Now there's a story!

Tom said...

Why do you want only "model mother?" is it because the ship on "obedient daughter" has sailed and is well and truly out of canon range?

Shewinn8 said...

You know it Tom! Obedience in your youth is overrated anyway. You of all people know that. I also don't want a tribute that would include "affectionate wife". That is just a creepy visual for a headstone. What happens at my house, stays at my house.